“Communal harmony refers to the harmony, acceptance and love among the people of various communities. It is the most important pre- condition for feeling of Unity and National integration."
Keeping the momentum of the subject "Communal harmony, School organize its Annual edition of ‘Rhapsody’Fiesta of Inter School Competitions, which we feel is a landmark initiative for all of us to reach the common goal of Communal Harmony.
Rhapsody is an initiative to provide a platform to interact, participate, learn and most importantly encourage each other’s talent in different activities organized every year.. Children enjoy the harmony of togetherness by competing with each other in a healthy environment.


“SPECTRUM’’ is a multi-dimensional show of individual talent and to give child maximum exposure in the School. It gives an opportunity to the children to compete in various activities, where they get complete freedom to select the song / drawing composition / character for fancy dress of their choice. It also comes as an opening to bring forth and show case Parents’ hidden talents by means of designing costumes / writing lyrics / composing a piece of music or even choreographing for their wards.


Annual function plays an important role as it not only allows students to get indulged in extra – curricular activities but also provide a sneak-peek into the cultural forms and diversities of the country. Every year, Annual Day is conducted with the sole objective of spreading a thought provoking message to the spectators and to inculcate positive traits in the students. The different themes chosen every year add on to what new things children can learn in a fun manner by merely observing them.
ANNUAL FUNCTION is a phenomenal rostrum to appreciate the efforts of brimming personalities who strive to make the School proud with their persistent toil and endeavors. It is a concept of complimenting and appreciating the imaginative instincts and act of brilliant and talented students to bring their hidden talent and aptitude.

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